Richard Van Stone (richvstone) wrote,
Richard Van Stone

The Diet Begins

Today is day one of my new diet plan.

I'm not obese mind you but I'm not the smooth svelt self I was five or six years ago. I decided enough was enough and I want to be skinny and fit back into my muscle shirts again. I want to have my four pack and not my keg! So what I did was sign up for This isn't one of those outrageous diet plans or restrict yourself to the point of starving diets. The plan I chose was a low cholesterol diet that really has all the foods I would normally eat! The difference is it's prepared portions of certain sizes. I was horribly afraid the portions were going to be too small but to my surprise I couldn't eat all of any of my meals today. Between the meal, and the drink and fruit I was completely full. So to preempt any problems late in the day when I normally get the munchies I saved the left-overs for a 9pm snack and it worked!

I'm kinda hungry right now ... it's 10:30 but I think it's because I forgot to make a baked potato with dinner. Dinner was grilled steak-ka-bobs with peppers and tomatoes on a salad with ranch dressing. See, everything you'd normally eat. On top of that I got a cup of mandarin oranges. Fricking great food I tell you! Best of all it was home made, cost me less than eating out three males today and I don't feel bloated and stuffed like I normally do.

Day 1 - 190lbs
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